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SET THE SYSTEM TO “HEAT” OR “COOL” MODEFH Controller_013_20895
Set the system to HEAT mode during the cooler months and COOL mode during the warmer months. If you have multiple indoor units, set them all in the same mode. Do not use the AUTO mode – in our climate, the AUTO mode does not provide the most efficient and comfortable results.

The coil on the outdoor unit may accumulate frost during cold weather. This is a normal occurrence and your ductless system will defrost automatically while continuing to operate efficiently. During the defrost process, the indoor unit may temporarily stop producing heat and a light may turn on. You may notice water below or around the outdoor unit during this process. These occurrences are normal; do not try to override this process. At the end of the defrost process (typically 4-7 minutes) the unit will return to heating mode. Under certain conditions (cold with high humidity), your ductless system may go into defrost repeatedly, and the output capacity (and your comfort) may decrease. In this case, you may need to temporarily supplement with your secondary heating source.

In addition to the low-level fan sound, you may also hear “whirring,” “clinking,” or the sound of rushing fluid. These sounds are the result of thermal expansion, refrigerant movement, or mechanical parts, and are normal.

Cleaning the air filters once a month optimizes the performance of your system. Filters are quick and easy to clean, and cleaning frequency depends on the conditions of use. Please refer to your operation manual for details.REVIEW 931

It is recommended to have your system professionally cleaned once a year. A Precision Tune-Up increases the longevity of your ductless system while improving airflow and reducing your monthly utility bills. In addition, secondary filters (anti-allergen and platinum deodorizing) should be replaced every one to two years depending upon use and your homes environment. Formula Fabrication has these filters in stock for your convenience.

Use the ductless system as you primary heating and cooling system to maximize benefits, maintain comfort, and ensure that the unit performs most efficiently. Secondary heating and cooling system should remain off until your comfort is compromised. If you comfort is compromised, supplement with your secondary system until your comfort requirements are met.

In extremely cold weather, the ductless system may not provide desired comfort levels to all areas of the home. To maintain comfort, you should temporarily:
• Increase the temperature setting of the ductless system
• Increase the fan speed
• Close doors to unoccupied portions of the house; and/or
• Increase the thermostat setting on secondary heating systems as needed.

Our Customers Say

“The Kumo Cloud is working great; I travel all the time & now I can conveniently monitor my homes temp from anywhere.”

Pete, Libby, MT

“Warmest the old house has ever been.”

Shawna, Troy, MT

This thing ROCKS! Even when it was super cold it took care of everything. I’d give it 10 stars!


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