Multi-Zone Systems



There is no need to heat and cool every room in your home all year long, when you only occupy a few rooms at a time. Instead, achieve total comfort on demand while saving money and reducing your energy bills with a zoned solution from Formula Fabrication.
A zoned home is divided into segments based on each area’s need for conditioning. Rather than relying on a single unit to cool or heat the entire property, multi-zoned homes utilize a network of small, energy efficient units and thermostats to send the right amount of conditioned air to each zone. This allows homeowners to have room-by-room control.



Slim, wall-mounted indoor units

Precise, Discreet Temperature Control
Slim, wall-mounted units provide individual room, comfort control

Multi-Stage Air Filtration
All indoor models use a sophisticated multi-stage filtration system to reduce contaminants such as allergens, viruses, and bacteria from the air.

Ceiling-Recessed, Cassette-Style indoor units

Discreet Comfort
Wider airflow pattern for better air distribution in a less obtrusive style.
Keeps your walls free
For areas where there is limited walls space, a ceiling recessed unit lets you make the most out of your available space.

Floor-mounted indoor units

Small space? No problem.
Ideal for areas that are smaller or don’t have as much wall space.


NO MORE HOT & COLD SPOTS with H2i Technology!

The H2i hyper-heat models feature special technology for delivering exceptional heating performance in extreme climates.

  • One of the only heat pumps in the world proven to heat at -18°F ambient, producing up to 100% heating capacity at 5°F
  • Hot start technology provides warmth from the start, reducing drafts
  • 30.5 – 22.0 SEER, 13.5 – 12.0 HSPF, INVERTER-driven compressor
  • Quiet operation as low as 20 dB(A)

In other words: HEAT, AND LOTS OF IT!

Our Customers Say

“We love it, absolutely love it! Our new Kuma Wood Classic doesn’t smoke like the old stove & eliminates worry.”

Jerry & Jacki, Libby, MT

Our Mitsubishi heat pump work’s just like it did when Formula Fabrication installed it, haven’t even had to touch it.

Bill, Libby, MT

“You should just call yourselves Fabulous Fabrication, your guys have been utterly amazing.”

Marlys, Thompson Falls, MT

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